Keynote: SIOPSA Conference 2022

'Organizations as fortresses against the mental pandemic: Can we achieve this by pulling neuroscience and systems thinking into organizational psychology?'

In this keynote, Dr Etienne van der Walt discusses the following:

  • What is the mental pandemic?
  • How can Systems Thinking be applied in organizations?
  • What is applied neuroscience and how can we use it to improve interventions?
  • The importance of the Baseline Relaxed physiological State (BRPS)
    • The optimum biological state to overcome challenges: It yields a low heart rate, low blood pressure, enhanced metabolism, and activates immune system.
  • What is Resilience? (It is not tenacity or grit).
  • What is Collective Resilience?
  • The role that collective purpose plays in finding meaning at work
  • Early data trends : Different types of Diversity
    • Social Diversity
    • Cognitive Diversity
    • Educational Diversity
    • Cultural Diversity
    • Problem-solving Diversity

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