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Cognitive Empathy and Leadership with journalist, Mariette Snyman

What is cognitive empathy and why is it important? Dr Etienne van der Walt speaks to journalist, Mariette Snyman, about the neuroscience behind it all.


This episode elaborates on:

  • why we need collective intelligence, creativity and resilience in order to survive and thrive  

  • how working together as a group is structured in the brain 

  • what the (crucial) C factor is

  • different kinds of groups, with bonding and belonging acting as the “glue”

  • group composition: leveraging diversity to effectively solve complex problems  

  • features of social and psychological safety

  • what lies at the core of developing cognitive empathy  

  • the role of cognitive empathy in collective collaboration

  • the prevention of burnout in high-performance teams.

In this episode, Dr Etienne mentions Spearman’s g factor; Binet, the father of the IQ test; the Maslach Burnout Inventory; the Mayo Clinic Well-being Index; the generic parts technique.

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About Mariette Snyman:

"Combining decades of experience in the magazine industry with her longing to share information on navigating life’s many challenges, journalist Mariette Snyman hosts a platform featuring solid emotional health, relationship and personal growth content. Her website and weekly podcast series introduce individuals seeking therapy, coaching or assistance to experts offering that help."

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