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The development and validation of the Resilience Index

This peer-reviewed paper indicates that our Resilience Index is a reliable, valid measure of resilience.

This peer-reviewed Resilience Index highlights three novel findings specifically:

  • It encompasses existing theoretical understandings of resilience but also includes two novel components: early-life stability and toxic stress
  • The index applies to individuals from high-, middle-, and low-income contexts.
  • It is the first to develop unique cut-off scores that classify individuals into low, moderate, or high levels of resilience.



As part of our endeavor to build resilient and high-performing individuals and teams, we spent the past four years developing and validating the Resilience Index in partnership with the University of Cape Town and Tshwane University of Technology.

It is a reliable, valid measure and the paper outlining its development and validation has been published in the accredited journal, the International Journal of Testing.

The Resilience Index lies at the heart of our products. We also continuously curate the most recent and cutting-edge science in our fields, and beyond, to inform our research projects, our publications, and ultimately, our products.


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