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The Courage to Understand: Inspire Magazine

This article features in the latest publication of 'Inspire Magazine' by Møller Institute at Churchill College, University of Cambridge.

To read the full article, you can click here and find it on page 16:

What will contribute most to our collective thriving, our collective resilience, is the quality of our relationships - and the key to enhancing relationships is understanding. 

  • The psychology of 'feeling' understood: The importance of psychological safety, and how it reduces imposter syndrome, as well as the impact on our baseline relaxed physiological state.
  • Understanding cognitive contributions of different age groups: The strengths and weaknesses of different age groups, and how to utilize these for best organizational outcomes.
  • A neurobehavioral blueprint for understanding: The role of mindfulness in  overcoming the biggest barrier to understand, which is our unconscious misreading of the intentions of others. 
  • It takes courage to understand.

Dr Chrisna Swart, neuroscientist and consultant at Neurozone, highlights the importance understanding, and makes one think about how one can actively engage in meaningful ways to bring this about.

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